3 Tips to look for tattoo artist

I. Operating from an impeccably clean, and aesthetically modern studio.
Your living space reflects your story and personality, and the same applies to a tattoo artist’s choice of studio. It’s a mutual relationship—just as the artist influences the studio, the studio influences the artist. Therefore, when considering where to get your tattoo, it’s crucial to select an artist who operates from a modern and professional studio that stands out from the others in area you plan to visit. You don’t want an ordinary tattoo, so you shouldn’t settle for a generic studio, and most importantly, you don’t want to encounter uninspired artists often associated with such establishments. The studio speaks volumes about the tattoo artist, so choose wisely.
II. The “3 It factors” (Professionalism, Likable attitude and Great listener)
The era of grumpy and unfriendly tattoo artists is OVER. Contemporary studios prioritize three essential traits: Professionalism, a likable attitude, and being a great listener. Professionalism is evident in the cleanliness of the workspace and the artist’s behavior, while a likable personality is crucial for building a connection with the client. Being a great listener is essential when making a significant decision like creating your tattoo design, and studios should require this from their artists. During the initial consultation, trust your instincts to assess the artist’s likability, and ensure they are patient and attentive as you consider your options. If the artist seems indifferent or agitated, it’s best to seek out another professional. However, if they invest effort in helping you design a tattoo that excites you, you’ve likely found the right artist. The initial consultation is of significant importance in this process.
III. Bring your design to Life
 This is of utmost importance. You have a specific concept in mind for your tattoo, one that encompasses certain colors, styles, shapes, eras, and all the subtleties that have defined tattooing over the past thousand of years. It is crucial to find an artist who not only specializes in your chosen concept or theme but is also deeply passionate about it. This combination of skill, experience, and enthusiasm will be reflected in the final result.
LOFT N5 tattoo studio boasts a diverse and talented team, encompassing a wide range of artistic styles and specialties. Whether you are in search of an artist specializing in mandala, micro-realism, realism, fine line, geometric, botanical, ornamental, blackwork, or traditional Balinese tattoos, we have assembled a roster of the best tattoo artists in Bali to cater to your unique preferences.

Are you drawn to the bold and intricate designs of blackwork with a neo-traditional influence, or do you prefer the elegance of simple, clean, and minimalist lines? Perhaps you are interested in captivating illustrative art inspired by animals, mysticism, and nature, or architectural-themed designs that showcase a fusion of art and structure.

Furthermore, our studio also features artists with a strong portfolio of neo-traditional Asian-style tattoos, micro realism graphics, and fine lines, offering a diverse array of possibilities. Whatever your vision may be, within our studio, there is a tattoo artist perfectly suited to bring it to life. We invite you to explore our talented team and find the artist you resonate with your dream design.

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