Tattoo Artist

Meet the very kind and very talented Hendra, who grew up watching his neighbor tattoo and managed to learn the basics while going to school. He quickly realised this was what he wanted to do with his future.

Deeply influenced by his rich Balinese culture, which encompasses diverse traditions, ceremonies, and artistic expressions, Hendra aspires to become an artist capable of working in various mediums.

Hendra enjoys collaborating with his clients by listening to their stories and only starts tattooing when they are 100% happy with their designs.

One of his most memorable experiences was when one of his clients lost his wedding band and decided to get a black line around his ring finger to ensure he never lost it again.

Specializing in line work, more specifically fine line and micro-realism, Hendra has recently taken a keen interest in geometric tattoos, expanding his tattoo expertise.

Hendra says, “He doesn’t like to copy anyone’s designs and only wants to make original, authentic tattoos.”