Co-founder and Tattoo Artist

Meet Berry, the mischievous, determined, and incredibly talented tattoo artist who burst onto the scene in 2017.

Berry’s calling to become a tattoo artist has been with him since day one. With expertise ranging from small to large-scale pieces, he specializes in fine line, geometric, realistic, ornamental, and Japanese styles.

While drawing inspiration from artists worldwide, Berry has spent the last six years perfecting his distinctive tattooing style—a perfect blend of realistic portraits set against intricate geometric backgrounds.

A successful day for Berry is when a client leaves the studio with a big smile on their face. For him, it’s important to capture the vision of his clients, but he thrives when he’s given creative freedom and autonomy, allowing his experience and style to reflect in the final design.

Berry says, “Being a tattoo artist teaches me to be consistent, patient, and to do better every day, no matter what.”